Why so important to work with direct factory?

This is Critical business issue ISSUE to every businessman , why it’s so important? It is keypoint layout of business strategy. Today’s world competition is becoming so fierce that people have to establish strong supply chain with absolute advantage and guarantee to make sure they will stay strong in the keen market and eanble to develop business big vision.

Business is not about big or small, as long as you nail down project and step out, means half of success. This is not chicken soup for the soul but real business expereince to share with you. As a beach towel factory located in Changshu city,( China towel supplier cluster). we have accessed to many different type buyers, they are retailers, wholesalers, importers, online dealers, even end customers buy directly as well.

So hereby I am talking about how important to work with real factory with complete resource integration capacity. Which are solid foundation for building tall buildings literally.

Take example for beach towel startup company, We understand it is not easy to run business profitably before you establish complete supply chain and selling channel. If one asks which is more important, between sales or supply, In our opinion, supply is No. 1. Which make your selling possible at profitable price, In which case factory offer you the best price to make you get profit Max. This is the final goal that we are seeking for . But please know that there are not each factory will accept small order, especially customized towel order are supported at start-up period, unless you approve to pay the higher price. In this case, you still have not aimed the right supplier yet, Market is huge and wild, also mess. So you have to keep search for best towel supplier with full range of customizion. Let you take a shortcut, kindly refere to China best towel supplier, which are the right supplier to meet your cooperation need. I suppose you did beach towel market researching, you have mightly noticed some branded beach towels with best selling towels, such as taselate waffle beach towel and dock&bay 100% sand free beach towels. Which are very good example in the towel market.



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